Pianist & Composer

Mark began his serious study of piano at the age of eight. Four years later, he placed first in the Iowa State Piano Competition. Mark’s formal training then began with Julian Burn, Israeli concert pianist and head of the Music Department at Cornell College of Mount Vernon, Iowa. Mark’s studies consisted of an intensive European training program where technical strength and articulation were priorities.  When Mark was 17, he toured the eastern United States performing Beethoven’s First Piano Concerto. Later that same year, Mark returned to Iowa where he competed in the State Piano Competition and won first place.

Mark’s technical ability proved to be phenomenal and gained him acceptance under the tutelage of Menahem Pressler, international award-winning pianist and cofounder of the renowned Beaux Arts Trio. Mark’s studies with Pressler began at the Indiana School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana, initiating his finest musical inspirations.

In the past decade, Mark has composed over 75 musical works and performed over 500 public engagements.  He also teaches piano privately, specializing in the young and gifted student.  Mark’s love for inner beauty and the soft tranquility of sound keeps him close to the water’s edge, whether an emerald lake in the Rocky Mountains or the California seashores.  Mark’s live passionate performances and his clean transparent sound have earned him prestige among the great contemporary composers of today.