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Mark has the ability to play the piano with such superb delicacy and yet the clarity of each note is truly deliberate. Although there are no lyrics, many of Mark's compositions are so deeply moving that you can hear the words anyway. Here is a pianist who can truly make the piano sing. These days when many artists' music is background to work or dinner, Mark's playing so demands your attention that all other activities become a distraction as the music takes you to a different space...a much needed restful place.

Larry Bergsneider

Independent writer & entrepreneur in the software industry

Phoenix, AZ

Mark Conroy's "Providence" packs a surprise punch. From the moving "Forest
Gate" to the provocative "Iceland", Mark's technique and imagination moves the listener.

Brock Kruzic

National sales Manager

Phoenix, AZ

The Providence CD is like a great bubble bath; with lots of candles, after a very stressful day at work, with a Godiva chocolate just out of reach...love it!       

     Marilee Lasch

Artist, interior designer & motivational speaker.

Phoenix, AZ



Mark Conroy's new CD, Providence, is a masterful body of piano music that travels a middle road between Classical and New Age. In it, courageous melodies dance across a smooth landscape of instrumental finesse.

Lesley King

Author of Frommer’s American Southwest & Frommer’s New Mexico; author of articles in The New York Times, Audubon, & Hemispheres Magazine 
Santé Fe, New Mexico